Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries

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  1. Construction Master 5

    Construction Master 5


    The Construction Master 5 is the essential tool for serious building professionals. Easy-to-use in the field or office it meets the need for fast, accurate construction- math solutions. Enter the numbers, just as you would say them and the solutions appear in an instant – they’re built-in to your Construction Master 5. Ideal for plans, and layouts. Reduce the risk of expensive errors when estimating costs and materials. Save time, money and frustration!


    -Linear, Area and Volume solutions: convert dimensions, including Metric
    -Rafter, Roof and Framing solutions: Hip/Valley, Jacks and Rake-Walls
    -Stair solutions: Risers, Treads, Stringer, Incline
    -Built-in Right-Angle solutions: Automatic Square-ups
    -Circular and Arc: Areas, Diameters, Circumference
    -Board Feet
    -Weight per Volume
    For Contractors, Builders, Architects, Engineers and Tradespersons

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