Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries

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  1. Tradesman Calc

    Tradesman Calc


    Trades Math and Conversion Calculator

    The Tradesman Calc is designed to be useful for both teaching technical trade math and for using on the job in a variety of settings requiring technical math, including Welding, Metal Fabrication, Engineering, Automotive Service Technology, Aviation and Drafting. It is ideal for people working in math-oriented trades and for students and instructors needing an easy-to-use handheld calculator with applied math functions.

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  2. Time Master II

    Time Master II


    Out of stock

    * Quickly Perform Tedious Time-Math Calculations in Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hours:Minutes:Seconds (h:m:s), or in Decimal format down to 100th of a second.
    * Accurately Track or Schedule Hours
    * Cut Production Costs and Scheduling Errors
    * Built-in Stopwatch and Timer with Alarm
    * Ideal for Time/Rate Estimates
    * Great Everyday Calculator

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  3. Stud Mark Magnetic Stud Finder with Removable Markers

    Stud Mark Magnetic Stud Finder with Removable Markers


    Out of stock

    The small and compact StudMark makes finding a stud easy and dependable.

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  4. Scale Master Replacement Wheel Kit

    Scale Master Replacement Wheel Kit


    Replacement wheel for the Scale Master Pro, Scale Master II or the Scale Master Classic. Kit includes durable plastic wheel, spring and screw.

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  5. PC Interface Cable for Scale Master Pro XE

    Scale Master Pro XE PC Interface Cable


    Out of stock

    Compatible with Windows®
    Works with all Windows® estimating programs

    Kit Includes:

    •     15' serial cable
    •     USB adaptor
    •     Installation/ Operation Manual
    •     1-Year Warranty
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  6. Scale Master Pro

    Scale Master Pro


    The Scale Master Pro helps you:

        * Complete take-offs with speed and accuracy
        * Reduce errors in estimates and bids
        * Improve productivity and maximize profitability
        * Create permanent record of dimensions and values

    Spec Sheet                     User Guide

    Compare with other Scale Master Models.

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  7. Scale Master Neoprene Case

    Scale Master Neoprene Case


    Armadillo Gear® Soft Tool Protective case

    Protect any model of Scale Master including the Scale Master Classic, Scale Master Pro or Scale Master Pro XE in a soft neoprene Armadillo Gear® Tool Case. The sleeve holds any Scale Master and secures it safely in the cover with a velcro top. Comes in bright red with black trim.

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  8. Quilter's FabriCalc in a Nutshell

    Quilters FabriCalc In A Nutshell - Workbook


    Out of stock

    Quilters FabriCalc in a Nutshell Workbook.

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  9. Quilter's Fabri Calc

    Quilter's Fabri Calc


    Out of stock

    Quilt Design and Fabric Estimating Calculator

    Designed by a Quilter for Quilters

    Take pride and satisfaction in a finished quilt that starts with accurate dimensions, design and layout. Use the Quilter’s FabriCalc to convert your ideas into usable dimensions – Yards, Inches or Metric measurements. It’s easy to do the math with a few simple keystrokes. They add up to fast answers to just about every quilting task. Solutions are built-in for Blocks, Squares, Diagonals, ½ and ¼ Square Triangles, Diamonds and much more.

    Calculations that create quilt designs:

        * Create quilt designs using Block functions with or without Sashing; solves Diagonals
        * Find total Yardage, including Backing, Binding, Borders and Drop for any quilting project
        * Calculate the total yardage for Squares, ½ Square Triangles, ¼ Square Triangles, 45° and 60° Diamonds
        * Reverse the calculations: find the number of Squares and Diamonds that can be cut from fabric in your “stash”
        * Store fabric yardage solutions for six individual types of fabric and view total yardage required for all material
        * Use Preferences settings to select Fractional or Decimal displays, Mitered or Straight Corners and more
        * Find total costs for material

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  10. Qualifier Plus IIIFX Desktop

    Qualifier Plus IIIFX Desktop


    The Powerful and Easy-to-Use Desktop Calculator for Real Estate Investors and Agents

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  11. Qualifier Plus IIIFX

    Qualifier Plus IIIFX


    Advanced Residential AND Commercial Mortgage Finance Calculator

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  12. ProjectCalc Plus MX (Metric)

    ProjectCalc Plus MX (Metric)


    Metric Do-It-Yourself Project Calculator

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  13. Pocket Real Estate Master

    Pocket Real Estate Master


    Easy-to-Use Finance Calculator That Fits in Your Pocket!

    *Payment, Loan Amount, Term, Interest
    *Interest-Only and Future Values
    *Amortization: Principal, Interest, Interest Only and Total Payments
    *Remaining Balances
    *Quarterly or non-monthly loans


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    • PlumbingCalc Pro
    • Plug Mark Magnetic Drywall Cutout Tool for Existing Outlets

      Plug Mark Magnetic Drywall Cutout Tool for Existing Outlets


      Plug Mark Magnetic Drywall Cutout Tool for Existing Outlets

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    • Multi Mark Magnetic Drywall Locator Tool

      Multi Mark Magnetic Drywall Locator Tool


      Perfect Drywall Cutouts With No Measuring

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    • MachinistCalc Pro (International)

      MachinistCalc Pro (International)


      MachinistCalc Pro (International)

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    • Kitchen Calc Pro - Master Chef's Edition

      Kitchen Calc Pro - Master Chef's Edition


      KitchenCalc Pro Master Chef's Edition

      It helps you:

      * Accurately scale recipes up or down
      * Scale for number of servings, portions, or both
      * Convert cooking volume units
      * Convert units of weight
      * Convert temperatures

      For the Home Gourmet, Cooks, Chefs, Caterers and Culinary Schools

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    • HeavyCalc Pro

      HeavyCalc Pro


      Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction, Metric
      Heavy Construction-Math Calculator

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    • Conversion Calc Plus
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