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  1. sharp_el81_nbk

    Sharp EL81NBK Primary School Calculator


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    8 Digit Mini Semi Desk Calculator

    Ideal Primary School Calculator

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  2. Sharp EL-531THB-WH Scientific Calculator

    Sharp EL531THB-WH Scientific Calculator


    • Large, high resolution, 2 line LCD screen with upper 12 digit (5x7 - dot matrix)/lower 10 digit (mantissa) + 2 (exponent) digit
    • Up to 273 scientific and statistical functions
    • Battery operated (1xAAA)
    • Recommended High School Model
    • Approved by NSW Board of Studies
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  3. Sharp EL506XB-WH Scientific Calculator

    Sharp EL506XB-WH Scientific Calculator


    Advanced Scientific Calculator with up to 469 Functions.

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  4. Sharp EL-W532THBWH Scientific Calculator

    Sharp EL-W532THBWH Scientific Calculator


    >WriteView Scientific Calculator
    >Recommended High School Model
    >Approved by the NSW Board Of Studies
    >Successor to the ELW532XHBSL
    >Large, high resolution, 4-line x 16 digit dot matrix LCD screen
    >Up to 396 scientific and statistical functions
    >Home key and √,π  as 1st function arrangement
    >Fraction calculations
    >PRIME Factorization
    >Drill Mode
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  5. Sharp EL-738XT Financial Calculator

    Sharp EL-738XT Financial Calculator


    Sharp EL-738 XT Finacila Calculator

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