TI-Nspire CBR2 Motion Detector

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TI-Nspire CBR2 Motion Detector

ti-nspire cbr2 motion detector

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The CBR 2 motion sensor is TI's answer to an easy, affordable data collection device! Designed for teachers who want their students to collect and analyze real-world motion data, such as distance, velocity and acceleration. Great for algebra through calculus and statistics, physical science and physics.

USB Plug-and-Collect

The CBR 2 motion detector plugs into TI-Nspire™ learning handhelds and TI-84 Plus family calculators using the USB CBR-to-calculator cable.Using the CBR 2 and the newest TI-Nspire application, Vernier DataQuest™, students can kinesthetically explore motion and graphing with the "Motion Match" feature.

They simply plug in the CBR 2 and watch the Vernier DataQuest app launch automatically.
Once they choose "Motion Match," challenge your students to match the graph by walking back and forth using the CBR 2 motion detector.
Students enjoy changing their position and speed as they attempt to get the perfect match.

Students can also begin collecting data immediately using their TI-84 Plus family calculator. (Vernier EasyData™ App required). The device will automatically launch the app and begin displaying the current distance reading. Also select from several easy-to-use activities that are already built-in.

CBR 2 motion sensor capabilities and highlights:

    Includes 5 sample classroom activities for math and science
    Pivoting sensor head for easy positioning
    Upgraded design and color
    USB connectivity to the TI-Nspire™ family of handhelds, TI-Nspire™ family of software, and TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators
    Record data from 15 cm (5.9 in.) to 6 m (19.7 ft.)
    Sensitivity switch for normal and track modes
    Use with dynamic tracks, coffee filters, graph match, ball-toss and other activities
    Improved real-time graphing

Pivoting sensor head

Simply point the sensor where the action is! It will measure distance, velocity and acceleration - up to 200 samples per second!

CBR 2 motion sensor system includes:

    CBR 2 sonic motion detector
    USB CBR 2-to-calculator cable (for use with TI-84 Plus family calculators)
    Extended length I/O cable, for connecting to calculator input/output port
    4 AA batteries
    Guidebook: Getting Started with the CBR 2

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