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Construction Master Plus EZ


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Construction Master Plus EZConstruction-Math Prompting Calculator

    The Construction Master Plus EZ (CMP EZ) is the newest in Calculated Industries’ line of award-winning Construction Master Pro construction-math calculators. The big difference between the CMP EZ and the other models is that, in addition to many more built-in calculations, the CMP EZ is a Prompting Calculator.
    Powerful built-in solutions guide you on the quickest path to solve virtually any construction-math problem in seconds. If a measurement changes, you can just scroll back to it, change it and then re-solve the problem.
    The Construction Master Plus EZ has Basic and Advanced solutions for Rafters (Common, Hip/Valley and Jack) and Stairs. Plus, the built-in materials key gives you instant quantities for everything from drywall and roofing to tiles and pavers.

    Common Rafters 

    Basic Solutions:
    •Common Rafter Length
    •Plumb Angle
    •Level Angle
    Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
    •Common Rafter Length
    •Common Tail Length
    •Seat Cut
    •Standard 2/3 HAP (Height Above Plate)
    •Full Bearing HAP

    Hip/Valley Rafters

    Basic Solutions:
    •Hip/Valley Length
    •Plumb Angle
    •Level Angle
    •Common Cheek Angle
    •Irregular Cheek Angle
    Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
    •Total Hip/Valley Length
    •Hip/Valley Tail Length
    •Common and Irregular – Backing, Sheathing and Plan Angles

    Jack Rafters

    Basic Solutions:
    •Common and Irregular
    •Jack On-Center Spacing
    •Offset Length
    •Rafter Length
    •Jack Rafter Lengths
    •Plumb Angle
    •Level Angle
    •Cheek Angle
    Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
    •Common and Irregular Tail Lengths


    Basic Solutions:
    •Number of Risers
    •Actual Riser Height
    •Resulting Riser Offset
    •Number of Treads
    •Actual Tread Width
    •Resulting Tread Offset
    •Minimum Stairwell Opening
    •Stringer Length
    •Inclination Angle
    •Stair Run
    •Stair Rise
    Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
    •Net Floor-to-Floor Height
    •Rough Stair Run
    •Finished Stair Run
    •Toe Positions

    Other built-in solutions include:

    Square-Ups, Areas and Volumes
    •Rake Walls
    •Arch Studs
    •Balusters — Cap Wall and Open Wall
    •Elliptical Arches
    •Crown Molding
    •Compound Angles
    •Material Calculations for Blocks, Drywall, Fencing, Footings, Pavers, Roofing, Studs, Tile and Grout

    Tech Specs
     5.7″ x 3.5″ x 0.9″ (160 x 90 x 25 mm) with Armadillo Gear Case

    Product Weight:
     6.4 oz. (180 gm)
     Includes Armadillo Gear Case and Pocket Reference Guide

     One 3-volt (CR2025) Long-life Battery

    Display Type:
     12 Digits (8 normal, 4 Fractions) with Full Annunciators

    Display Dimensions:
     0.813″ x 2.5″ (21 x 65 mm)

     12 Digit Internal Accuracy


    Calculated Industries

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    Construction Master Plus EZ


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