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Construction Master Pro


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Includes Armadillo Gear Protective Case.
The Construction Master Pro sets the industry standard for advanced construction-math calculators.
It provides powerful built-in solutions and expanded preference settings.
It’s easy to use in the field or office and perfect for completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates – saves time, money, materials and frustration.
Work smarter, build better and improve your bottom line with the Construction Master Pro!
*Works in Metric*

    Advanced Construction-Math Calculator

    * Work in and convert between building dimensions, including Metric
    * Built-in Right-Angle solutions
    * Areas, Volumes, Square-ups
    * Complete Stair Layouts
    * Roof, Rafter and Framing solutions
    * Circle: Arcs, Circumference, Segments

    New Features, Functions and Enhanced Solutions:

    * Drywall – Siding and Panels
    * Stairs – Riser Height and solve for Stairwell Opening
    * Studs On-center
    * Compound Miter Cuts
    * Arched Rake-Walls

    For Contractors, Estimators, Architects, Carpenters, Framers, Draftspersons, Engineers, Builders, Tradespersons

    Dimensional Math and Conversions

    * Work in and convert between building dimensional formats: Yards, Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Feet-Inches and Metric including Area and Volume
    * D:M:S to Decimal Degree conversions
    * Find Weight per Volume

    Built-in Time Saving Functions

    * Complete Stair calculations for Risers, Treads, Stringer Length and Incline Angle
    * Set Riser Height and solve for Stairwell Opening
    * Built-in Right-Angle Functions for Square-ups, Slopes and more
    * Area, Volume and Perimeter solutions with Length, Width and Height Keys
    * Drywall, Siding and Paneling Key calculates 4×8, 4×9 or 4×12 Sheets to cover an Area
    * Roof Function finds Area, Bundles, Squares and 4×8 Sheathing for Flat or Pitched Roofs
    * Custom Rafter Function provides Common Rafters, Regular and Irregular Hips, Valleys and Jacks; instant Cutting Angles (Cheek, Level and Plumb)
    * Jack Rafter results for Regular and Irregular Pitch Roof. Find Rake-Wall Studs with On-center spacing
    * Compound Miter Store Crown Angle and Enter Wall Corner Angle to calculate the Blade Tilt and Angle for Miters cuts
    * Advanced solutions for Circles, Arches, Columns, Cones, Pillars, Windows and Post-holes
    * Arched Rake-Walls with On-center Spacing
    * Studs Calculate the number of On-center Studs for an entered Length
    * Equal Sided Polygon Calculate Corner and Bi-sect Angles, Side Length, Perimeter and Area
    * Block and Footing solutions
    * Board Feet Lumber estimating

    Additional Features

    * User Preferences: Set custom defined options such as Fractional settings for 1/2 to 1/64 and Stair Headroom Height, Decimal Degrees and more
    * Exponential Notation: Enter and display exponential values
    * Backspace Key: Makes it easy to change just-entered values
    * Constant Operator: Simplifies repetitive calculations
    * Cost per Unit: Easily solve unit costing and pricing
    * Accumulating Memory (M+)  Plus three additional Memory Storage locations
    * Paperless Tape: Review of last 20 entries; double-check totals
    * Standard Calculations: works as a regular math calculator with +, -, +/-, x, %, Π, 1/x, X2, and √
    * Automatic Shut-Off saves battery life


    * Protective Hard Slide Cover
    * Easy-to-follow User’s Guide
    * Handy Pocket Reference Guide in English and Spanish
    * Long-Life Batteries
    * Full One-Year Limited Warranty
    * English and Spanish CD-ROM with How To Video and User Guide

    Tech Specs

    5.6 x 3.0 x 0.6 (142.8mm x 76.2mm x 15.9mm)

    Product Weight:
    4.5 oz. (127.5 gm)
    Includes Case and Pocket Reference Guide

    Two 1.5-volt (LR-44/A76) Long-life Batteries

    Display Type:
    11 Digits (7 normal, 4 Fractions) with Full Annunciators

    Display Dimensions:
    0.625 x 2.5 (15.88 mm x 63.5 mm)

    10 Digit Internal Accuracy


    Calculated Industries

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    Construction Master Pro

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    Construction Master Pro


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