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Conversion Calc Plus


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Conversion Calc Plus

    Ultimate Professional Conversion Calculator

    The ConversionCalc Plus is an easy-to-use and powerful handheld calculator that provides more than 500 conversion combinations using 70 built-in Standard, Metric and other units of measure. Work in and convert between linear, area and volume units, plus weights, temperatures, velocity, flow rates, pressure, torque, energy and power. Don’t waste time looking up tables in books and online. Get quick, accurate solutions for all your professional conversion needs.

    With the ConversionCalc Plus you can enter and convert everything from very large units to micro- and nano-units– kilograms and tons, drams, scruples, grains, microliters, even tablespoons and cups. Virtually any conversion is at your fingertips with the ConversionCalc Plus.

    Ideal for Health Care Professionals, Scientists, Pharmacists, Nutritionist, Lab Techs, Engineers, Specifiers and Importers/Exporters.

    Works in and converts between:

    Linear, Area and Volume Dimensions: Feet-Inch-Fractions and metric, plus board feet, acre feet, gallon, fluid ounces, quart, pint, tablespoon, teaspoon, drams, minims; liters, milliliters, deciliter, centiliter, microliter, nanoliter, drops (gtts)
    Weight: pounds, tons, dry ounces, metric tons, grams, milligrams, micrograms, nanograms, grains scruples
    Pressure: pounds per square inch, pounds per square foot, bars, kiloPascals, megaPascals
    Torque: pound-inch, pound-foot, Newton-meters
    Flow Rate: gallons per minute, ounces per second, liters per second, milliliters per second
    Weight per Volume: from metric tons per cubic meter to grains per cubic inch and everything in between
    Energy: Joules, British thermal units, kilocalories
    Temperature: Fahrenheit, Celsius, Rankine, Reamur, Kelvin
    Velocity – feet per minute, inches per second, feet per second, miles per hour, meters per second, millimeters per second, kilometers per hour
    Power – horsepower, Btu per hour, kilowatts

    Additional Features:

    User Preferences: set custom options: Fractions, Area, Volume, Exponents, Mathematical Operation
    Cost per Unit: Solve unit cost and pricing
    Backspace Key: Easily correct entry errors
    “Paperless” Tape: Allows review of the last 20 entries; double-check totals.
    Standard Calculations: Works as a math calculator with %, +, -, x, ÷, +/-, π, 1/x, X2, and √


    Protective Slide Cover
    Quick Reference and Pocket Reference Guides
    One 3-volt CR2016 Long-life Battery
    Full One-Year Limited Warranty

    Tech Specs

    5.7″ x 3.0″ x 0.65″ (145 mm x 76 mm x 17 mm)

    Product Weight:
    Weight: 4.15 oz. (118 gm) Includes slide cover and Pocket Reference Guide

    One 3-volt CR2016 Long-life battery

    Display Type:
    14 Digits (8 normal, 6 fractions) with full annunciators

    Display Dimensions:
    0.73″ x 2.56″ (19 mm x 65 mm)

    12 Digit Internal Accuracy


    Calculated Industries

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    Conversion Calc Plus


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