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Kitchen Calc Pro – Master Chef’s Edition


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KitchenCalc Pro Master Chef’s EditionIt helps you:* Accurately scale recipes up or down* Scale for number of servings, portions, or both* Convert cooking volume units* Convert units of weight* Convert temperaturesFor the Home Gourmet, Cooks, Chefs, Caterers and Culinary Schools

    Recipe Scaling Calculator with Two Built-in Digital Kitchen Timers, Large, Easy-to-Read Keys and Jumbo Display

    The KitchenCalc™ Pro Master Chef’s Edition is an innovative kitchen aid that helps you increase or decrease recipe yields or portions quickly and accurately. No more “guesstimating” ingredient quantities! You’ll save time in the kitchen and produce great-tasting meals when entertaining, meal planning or simply cooking for two!

    The KitchenCalc™ Pro Master Chef’s Edition will help you avoid disappointing or embarrassing cooking mistakes, while saving you costly ingredients, time and frustration. (If you’ve ever converted recipe ingredients/measurements incorrectly and ruined a meal, you know how handy this calculator will be!)

    This edition was designed for those who prefer larger keys and a larger display – a perfect size for the kitchen countertop.


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    Kitchen Calc Pro

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    Kitchen Calc Pro


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