Casio FX-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator


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The new look fx-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition has all the great features of thefx-82AU PLUS II 2nd Edition and MORE.
Additional functionality over the FX-82AU PLUS II 2nd Edition.

Calculate with the normal distribution
Calculate with vectors
Calculate with complex numbers

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    The new look fx-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition scientific calculator.

    Various calculations with complex numbers
    40 different unit conversions
    Normal distribution calculations
    Calculations in various bases, including converting between bases
    Conversion to polar co-ordinates from rectangular and vice versa
    Random Integer functions
    Multiple intuitive ways to enter fractions
    List-Based data entry for statistics
    Natural textbook display
    Combinations and permutations
    Coordinate conversion
    Exponential regression of the form abx
    Large, easy-to-read dual-line display
    Calculation of the median and quartiles
    Greatest common divisor and lowest common multiple
    Verification of equalities and inequalities
    Prime factorisation




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    Casio FX-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition

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