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TI-15 Explorer™ Primary Calculator – 10 Pack


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TI-15 Explorer™ Primary Calculator
Simplify fractions to lowest terms automatically or step-by-stepConvert improper fractions, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percentPerform operations in M-D-A-S order View up to two entries and results simultaneously
Only sold in Pack of 10

    Encourage students in grades 3 – 6 to develop their problem-solving skills and begin connecting mathematic concepts with real-world situations.

    Built-in functionality

    Electronic flashcards 3 levels of difficulty using the “level of difficulty” key
    Choose from + – x ÷ or find the operation
    Calculator allows entry of a problem
    View hints with “guess and check” feature
    Fractions displayed in stacked format
    Choose mixed number or improper fraction results
    Choose to simplify fractions to lowest terms automatically or step-by-step
    Display indicates when fraction needs to be simplified
    Conversions between improper fractions and mixed numbers
    Conversions between fractions, decimals and percent
    Calculator chooses or allows entry of a common factor
    View factor used to simplify
    View up to 2 entries and results simultaneously
    Review and edit previous entries
    View division results as quotients with remainders, fractions or decimals
    Two constant operations: show counters and results
    Negation key
    Powers and square root
    Symbolic π
    Convert π to decimal
    Clear last entry or all entries and settings
    Backspace and edit capabilities
    Compare numbers and equations including inequalities
    Place value: thousandths through thousands
    Round or fix to whole number or decimal places
    EOS™ Equation Operating System performs operations in M-D-A-S order
    Up to 23 levels of parenthesis
    Error recovery capabilities
    Allows memory retention of settings and previous entries


    Hard plastic, colour-coded keys
    Two-line, Eleven digits per line
    Battery and solar power
    Impact-resistant cover with quick reference card


    Texas Instruments

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